Q. Is this show REALLY sold out?
A. Yes, the show has sold out of over 7000 free tickets. There are a limited number of VIP Meet and Greet packages with tickets available at: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/laoki-show-tickets-15948148341

Q. Will any more free tickets be released?
A. No.

Q. Do I need a ticket or can I just show up?
A. A ticket is required to attend the event. Entrance will not be granted without a ticket.  If you do not have a ticket please do not show up as you will be turned away and will not be admitted to the event. 

Q. My friend can't go anymore, can I use their ticket if it's in their name?
A. Yes, your friend can transfer the ticket to you by following the instructions here: http://help.eventbrite.com/customer/portal/articles/430100-how-to-update-your-ticket-registration-information

Q. Can I help with the event? If so, can I have a free ticket?
A. Thank you for your interest and volunteering to help but at this time the event is fully staffed.

Q. Does my ticket come with a +1?
A. No.

Q. If I sign up for the Volunteer Corps now, will I get a ticket?
A. While we do encourage you to sign up for the Mayor's Volunteer Corps, at this time there are no more tickets available.

Q. What is the Mayor’s Volunteer Corps?
A. The Mayor’s Volunteer Corps connects people with meaningful volunteer opportunities that support Mayor Garcetti’s objectives to revitalize Los Angeles, strengthen neighborhoods, improve the workforce, and inspire civic pride in all Angelenos—resulting in real, measurable, long-term change for the residents of Los Angeles.

Q. I signed up through the Mayor's Volunteer Corps. Am I confirmed for the show?
A. If you signed up for the Volunteer Corps through the Mayor's Volunteer Corps site then you are not confirmed for the show unless you ALSO signed up for a ticket through LAokishow.com before tickets sold out. If you properly registered at LAokishow.com you should have received an email to confirm your ticket.

Q. Prior to this show being announced I was signed up for the Mayor's Volunteer Corps, how do I get a ticket?
A. There are no more tickets available. All attendees were required to RSVP through LAokishow.com prior to the show selling out.

Q. Do I have to perform community service to get my ticket for the event?
A. No, you just have to sign up for the Mayor’s Volunteer Corps here. By signing up and agreeing to be a part of this, you will get more information from the Volunteer Corps in the future via email.

Q. If I sign up for the Volunteer Corps now, will I get a ticket?
A. No. While we do encourage you to sign up for the Mayor's Volunteer Corps, at this time there are no more tickets available.

Q. I live right by the venue, can I get free tickets?
A. No. All tickets were distributed through the LAoki site. There are no more free tickets available.

Q. I live in the area, where do I get more information about street closures?
A. See STREET CLOSURE information here. For any additional questions please contact Ashley@jive-live.com or call 818-621-2039.

Q. Is this an all ages, family friendly event?
A. Yes it is an all ages event, but please note there may be explicit lyrics and content.

Q.  Is this show 100% all ages? Are people of all ages (0-100+) able to attend?
A. Yes, the show is all ages.

Q. Do children under 12 require a ticket?
A. Yes children require a ticket

Q. I tried to get a ticket but I didn't get a confirmation email, am I confirmed?
A. Please email us the email you signed up with at laokishow@dimmak.com and we'll check our database.

Q. I put in the wrong email into Eventbrite and my confirmation got sent to the wrong place. What can I do?
A. We can let you know if you're confirmed if you email laokishow@dimmak.com the email you incorrectly submitted as well as the correct email address.

Q. What can I bring with me to the festival?
A. The following items will be prohibited from entering the venue:
* NO Glass containers *
* NO Drugs *
* NO Alcohol *
* NO Animals (Except Service Animals per ADA guidelines) *
* NO Weapons (regardless of permit) *
* NO Lawn Chairs *
* NO unauthorized Vending of Products *
* NO Fireworks *
* NO Bicycles, Scooters, Skateboards or Motorized Vehicles *
* NO Glow Sticks *
* NO Food or drinks *
* NO Audio or Video Recording *
* NO Coolers (hard or soft unless for medical reasons) *
* NO Flags *
* NO Instruments *
* NO Professional Cameras *
* NO Laser Pointers *
* NO Spray Paint *
* NO Balls, Balloons, Frisbees *
* NO Fireworks *
* NO backpacks except those SMALLER THAN 12×12 in. NO EXCEPTIONS. *
* NO Bottles or Cans *
* NO Sealed Packages *
* NO Ladders and, Stepstools *
* Botta Bags or Camelbacks ONLY EMPTY *
* NO Flags, Signs or Banners regardless of size *
* NO Water Bottles: Empty camelbacks only *
* NO blankets *
* NO posters *
* NO strollers*
* NO projectors*
* NO PA Systems*

Q. Can I bring in a sealed bottle of water?
A. No but there will be free water at the event.

Q. I'm bringing my infant to the event. Can I bring their formula to the event?
A. Unfortunately no food or drinks will be permitted to enter the event.

Q. Can I take a GoPro camera?
A. Yes

Q. Can I wear kandi to this event?
A. Yes

Q. Will there be VIP tickets/meet and greets available?
A. Yes, there were VIP tickets but these are now sold out.

Q. What does the VIP package include?
A. This ticket includes the following: early entry to the event, a meet and greet with Steve Aoki, a photo with Steve Aoki and Aoki merchandise. This ticket will also sign you up for more information on the LA Mayor's Volunteer Corps.

Q. I bought at VIP GA ticket. What time is the 'early entry' to the show at? Will there be a VIP section for us to hang out in and if so where will that be located?
A. Early entry will allow you to enter the grounds one hour before doors open to the public at 5 PM. There is not a separate section for VIPs but your early entrance will give you the unique opportunity to be in the area closest to the stage. You will be emailed your entrance as well as additional details prior to the show.

Q. What streets will be closed and for how long?
A. See STREET CLOSURE information here. For any additional questions please contact Ashley@jive-live.com or call 818-621-2039.

Q. What access to nearby buildings/complexes will be affected and for how long?
A. All businesses and residential buildings/complexes will be completely accessible as all sidewalks will remain open for the duration of the event. If your building has a special circumstance we should be aware of, please contact Ashley@jive-live.com or call 818-621-2039.

Q. What time will the event conclude?
A. The event concludes at 11 PM but the streets will not reopen until 5 AM.

Q. What are my transportation options if I am attending the event?
A. You can take the METRO to the event – click http://www.metro.net for more information. The Pershing Square METRO station is the closest METRO Purple Line and Red Line stop for the event. If you are driving to the event, there are multiple parking lots (Joe’s, ABM, Paragon.,etc.) available surrounding the event area.

Q. Where can I find Taxi/Uber drop-off information?
A. Spring Street Park between 4th and 5th should be the designated area for taxi and Uber drop off.

Q. Is there parking provided? Where can I park?
A. Parking will not be provided. Here is a list of suggested parking lots near the event:
Joe’s Parking Lots
- 649 Spring St -
- 530 S Spring St -
- 433 S Main St -
- 416 S Main St -
- 338 S Hill -

Q. Where is the LAoki show being held?
A. The show will be in downtown Los Angeles on Broadway between 4th and 6th Street.

Q. Where do I enter to attend the show?
A. Those attending the show can enter through the entrances located at 4th Street and Hill and 4th Street and Spring Street.

Q. Will the show still happen even if it rains?
A. Yes, rain or shine!

Q. When will doors open and close?
A. Doors open at 6 PM and the event concludes at 11 PM.

Q. Am I allowed to exit and re-enter the event?
A. There is no re-entry to the festival.

Q. Will the event be ADA compliant?
A. Yes the site will be ADA accessible.

Q. Will there be a box office information booth?
A. No, ticket holders will need to print their ticket before they arrive at the event and bring it with them. There will be no box office and no will call.

Q. Do I need to print and bring anything with me to the event?
A. You will need to print your ticket and bring it with you to the event. There will be no box office.

Q. What is the maximum number of tickets per person?
A. Maximum one ticket per person

Q. Will there be first-aid available at the event?
A. Yes, there will be 3 ambulances will be on site on the corners of bway and 4th, bway and 5, bway and 6th.

Q. Will there be a lost and found?
A. No, there will be no lost and found at the event.

Q. Will there be merchandise for sale at the event?
A. Yes, we will be selling merchandise. The booths will be located along Broadway inside the event.

Q. What time will the event conclude?
A. The event concludes at 11 PM but the streets will not reopen until 5 AM.

Q. Are you filming the event?
A. Yes, we will be. By being at the event, you agree to be on camera.

Q. If my question was not listed here, who should I contact?
A. Please email laokishow@dimmak.com with your question/concern.